March 5th, 2014

Gnope Productions

3131976 HWY

Big Sur, CA 93920

Dear Gnope,

Thank You for requesting my SurReality Show proposal for Gnome ThysELF: A Global Experiment

As per my initial e-query on March 12th, 2014, the show is a spoof on the ‘real’ and ‘seriousness’ in Life. Instead of a ‘Reality Show’, Gnome ThysELF is a SurReality Show. Spreading Jubilee, Cheerfulness and Laughter EVERYWHERE.

Enclosed for your review is a 13 page proposal, including information about the number of Gnomebassadors Worldwide.

Please note that I have only included one sample episode (as per your writer’s guidelines; more than 12 episodes are waiting to happen).

Thank You for Agreeing to Review my Proposal. I anticipate you will Joyfully consider Producing Gnome ThysELF: A Global Experiment.


Your Hand-Crafted Magical Gnome Hat is enclosed.


Lucija West

71895 HWY 1

Big Sur, CA 93920



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