Gnome Meditation: Nature Awareness

CameraGnome Meditation: Nature Awareness

To Gnome ThysELF is to Gnome your Inter-Connectedness with Nature.

Next time you are in Nature try this simple Nature Awareness Meditation and Gnome ThysELF!

Nature Awareness focuses on your Experience of Nature by Awakening your senses of Sight, Touch, Smell and Sound while in Nature.

Pick a nice, quiet place. Get in a Comfortable Position (standing, sitting, laying down), move around until you feel at Ease. Relax. Drop your shoulders and get ‘in-tune’ with your Body, Mind, Spirit and Heart. Become aware of your breath.

Begin taking slow deep abdominal breaths.

Inhale Positive, Fresh Perspective

Exhale anything you need to Let Go

Repeat 3 times

Allow your Breath to Flow

Bring your senses to the Here & Now

Close Your Eyes or keep them Open

Be Present to what you are Experiencing

Become Aware of Your Body, Mind, Spirit and Heart Sensations. Experience Fully try not to Resist what Flows or try to change the Experience, Just Flow

Feel the Temperature of the Air on your Skin, Feel the Wind, Feel the Coolness or Heat, Awaken your Sense of Feeling/Touch

Inhale Positive Fresh Perspective

Exhale anything you need to Let Go

Inhale Deeply, through your Nose, Smelling the Smells around You

Exhale through your Mouth

Inhale all those Yummy Smells Around You

Exhale what you need to Let Go

Repeat 2x

Deeply Listen to the Sounds around you. Hear Deeply. If your mind wanders, simply come back to Nature Sounds Surrounding you. Could be the leaves in the breeze, trickling water in the creek, ocean waves….stay focused on Nature Sounds

Experience Nature with an Infant Like Awareness, as though you are Experiencing Nature for the First Time; do not try to Name or Identify the sights, sounds surrounding you, simply Immerse your Entire Being Into Nature

Take another Deep Inhale

Exhale “Gnoooooooooome Hoooooooooome”

Repeat as Needed

Gnome Collin 13


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