To Gnome ThysELF

Cultivation of extraordinary capacity can make us more capable of enriching our world - Michael  Murphy To Gnome ThysELF Trust Creative Process Faith in Ability to Create Persevere into the Unknown yet Known Time is Here Now Welcome the New Embrace Endless Possibility Understand Unified Essence of Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart as One To Gnome … Continue reading To Gnome ThysELF



Many folks today find themselves in a most serious disposition:::: Adulthood. Research suggests a most serious disposition is linked to Comical Imbalance. To be comical, is to be funny, lighthearted and Playful. We can transform the seriousness of our lives when we have a Playful Spirit. Playfulness motivates, inspires and brings forth a deeper appreciation … Continue reading DEVELOP YOUR PLAYFUL NATURE! CURE COMICAL IMBALANCE!

Gnome Meditation: Nature Awareness

Gnome Meditation: Nature Awareness To Gnome ThysELF is to Gnome your Inter-Connectedness with Nature. Next time you are in Nature try this simple Nature Awareness Meditation and Gnome ThysELF! Nature Awareness focuses on your Experience of Nature by Awakening your senses of Sight, Touch, Smell and Sound while in Nature. Pick a nice, quiet place. … Continue reading Gnome Meditation: Nature Awareness

Big Sur Nature Adventures Hosted by ECO-Entertainers, Jali and The Gnomestress

In the Spirit of Indigenous Medicine, Eco-Philosophy, Transpersonal Psychology and Laughter as Best Medicine We bring you Big Sur Nature Adventures! Root Connect Awaken A Transforming Experience Laugh, Sing, Paint, Meditate, Inter-Connect with Nature 5 Miles Round Trip $185 per person Group Bookings Encouraged Breathtaking Coastal Cliffs, Sandy Serene Beach, Mountain Views, Majestic Redwood Forest … Continue reading Big Sur Nature Adventures Hosted by ECO-Entertainers, Jali and The Gnomestress


The Less You Want the More You Love BEAT the HEAT GNoTown Style!!! Another Bright and Beautiful HOTTTTT Marvelous Magical Monday in the Land Afar, the Land of AWAKEning, the Land known by Earth Dwellers as GNoTown "SOCK IT!" sings Chief Gnome with a WIGGLE, and a JIGGLE and even a TIGGLE DIGGLE too! Today … Continue reading PLAY!