To Gnome ThysELF

Cultivation of extraordinary capacity can make us more capable of enriching our world

– Michael  Murphy

CameraTo Gnome ThysELF

Trust Creative Process

Faith in Ability to Create

Persevere into the Unknown yet Known

Time is Here Now

Welcome the New

Embrace Endless Possibility

Understand Unified Essence of Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart as One

To Gnome ThysELF


(v) to Gnome ThysELF: the Action of Becoming Gnome

“Lucija, Conquer your Fears, Gnome ThysELF”, professed Chief Gnome as he placed the Hand-Crafted Magical Gnome Hat on her head.

Lucia felt Celebrated as Chief Gnome sang the Ojibwe Turtle Song, blessing her Gnome Hat with Community Jubilee, Laughter and Cheerfulness.

After a few moments, Lucija felt her BEING elongating

Fears of the Past and Future had taken over her Here and Now

For the first time in Moons, those Fears Faded

A gNew sense of Oneness became her

Charmed, Lucija felt Charmed

With a STARlit twinkle Wink::

How do you feel with a Hand-Crafted Magical Gnome Hat on your Head?” inquired Chief Gnome.

Pondering, feeling, and becoming more Aware of her bodily sensations; thinking how to express in words…..Lucija drifted farther and further Into the Here and Now

Standing with hands crossed behind his back and a jolly pork belly poked out, Calm and Content; Chief Gnome waited…..

Inhale…..Exhale……Deep Breaths…..

Inhale…..Exhale……Deep Breaths

~~~ Words Began to Flow ~~~

I feel Magical. I feel Connected. I feel Whimsical and FUNny. I feel EnLIGHTened!!!” Shouted Lucija

CameraYES! THAT is IT!

To Gnome ThysELF!










The Chief Wizard Gnome AKA: Chief Gnome

The Chief Wizard Gnome
AKA: Chief Gnome


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